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Đề ôn tập Unit 12, 13 môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 11
PRACTICE TEST 11. collect ( v ) 	→Collection ( n ) 	→Collective ( adj ) 	→Collector ( n )2. prepare ( v ) 	→Preparation ( n )3. interest (n ) 	→Interested in	→Interesting 4. beauty( n ) 	→Beautiful ( adj ) 	→Beautifully ( adv )5. enthuse	→Enthusiasm ( n ) 	→Enthusiastic ( adj )6. succeed ( v )	 →Success ( n ) 	→Successful ( adj )7. participate ( v )	→Participation ( n )	→Participant ( n )8. compete ( v )	→Competition ( n )	→Competitive ( adj )	→Competitor ( n )9. vary( v )	→Various ( adj )	→Variety ( n )10. attract ( v ) 	→Attraction ( n )	→Attractive ( adj )I. Fill in each blank with one suitable word from the box.1. We sometimes --------------waste papers for recycling.2. John is a stamp------------------. He is talking to his friends about his new----------------3. Brian went on to be a very  student at University. ( Succeed )4. She was.. in her driving test. What a pity for her. ( Success )5. She is very .. . (beauty).6. There were 11 nations   in the first Asian Games in 1951 (participant).7. The number of ________ has been increasing from 1st to 14th Asian Games. (participate)8. Sports are more and more   in Vietnam (vary).9. I am really interested in the _______(vary ) of his stamp collection10. The Great Wall is China’s most popular  ( attract ).11. He need only one more stamp to complete his__________(collect)12. Confidence is the key to ________(succeess)II. Choose the best option to complete the sentences below:1. Those athletes competed with all their best to get_____. 	 A. friendship	 	B. cultures 	C. medals 	D. advance2. The Vietnamese participants always take part ______ sports events with great enthusiasm.A. in 	B. on 	C. at 	D. to3. The Asian Games have been advancing ______ all aspects.A. on 	B. at 	C. in 	D. for4. New sports and traditional sports have been added ______ the Games.A. in 	B. on 	C. up 	D. to5. This multi-sport event is an occasion when friendship and _____ are built and promoted.A. knowledge 	B. solidarity 	C. effort 	D. enthusiasm6.There are some hobbies that I ___________in for a while besides reading and collectingA. occupy	B. accomplish	C. fascinate	D. indulge7. Tom has a large.of foreign coins.A. collecting	B. collective	C. collector	D. collection8. Eating out is the national ______ in France.A. pastime 	B. interest 	C. hobby 	D. game9. When she was young she never had time to ______ her hobbies.A. persist 	B. pursue 	C. engage 	D. delicate10. ..applicants should send their completed forms to the personnel office.A. Quality 	B. Qualitative 	C. Qualifications D. Qualified11. I . Reading books and make use of all my free hours by reading them.A. hate	B. enjoy	C. bore	D. interest12. The 14th Asian Games .. in Busan, Korea.A. held	B. hold	C. were held	D. were hold13. The girl, .. met yesterday, is my friend.A. whom	B. who	C. that	D. whose14. The woman  to you is my mother.A. who speak	B. who speaking	C. speak	D. speaking15. Hoa was the last person .. the give.A. who give	B. who gave	C. to give	D. gave16. It was the strong wind . Blew the roof off.A. who	B. whom	C. that	D. no pronoun17. The house we’re living ...A. on	B. in 	C. with	D. for18. The tea .. yesterday was very delicious.A. that drunk	B. who drink	C. we drunk	D. we drink19. It was in 1492 _____ Columbus sailed to AmericaA. that B. whom C. when D. which20. The last man who left the classroom is Dung.A. The last man to left the classroom is Dung.B. The last man left the classroom is Dung.C. The last man to leave the classroom is Dung.D. The last man leave the classroom is Dung.21. People who are waiting for the bus often shelter in my doorway.A. People waiting for the bus often shelter in my doorway.B. People waiting the bus often shelter in my doorway.C. People was waiting for the bus often shelter in my doorway.D. People are waiting for the bus often shelter in my doorway.22. The Asian Games take ______ every 4 years.A. part 	B. in C. at D. place23. My uncle, who is an accomplish guitarist, taught me how to playA. impaired 	B. educated C. skilled D. qualified44. A friend of mine ______ father is the manager of a company helped me to get a jobA. who 	B. whom C. whose D. which25. Bill Gate, ______ is the president of Microsoft company, is a billionaireA. who 	B. whose C. whom D. that26. Neil Armstrong was the first man ________ on the moonA. walking 	B. to walk C. to be walked D. walked27. It was in 1492 _____ Columbus sailed to America2A. that 	B. whom C. when D. which28. The bed has no mattress. I sleep on this bed.A. The bed, on which I sleep, has no mattressB. The bed, which I sleep on, has no matressC. The bed, I sleep on , has no mattress	D. All are correct29. We talked about the party,_______ Sarah wants to organize for my birthdayA. that 	B. which 	C. Ө 	D. B&C are right30.My uncle ______ you met yesterday is a lawyer.A. which 	B. who 	C. whose 	D. to whom31.The council is in discussion with Lord Thomas, ______ land most of the village is built on.A. who 	B. whom 	C. whose 	D. that32.The paintings Mr. Flowers has in his house are worth around $ 100,000.A. which 	B. whose 	C. what 	D. whom33.She cycled from London to Glasgow, ______ is pretty good for a woman of 75.A. that 	B. what	 	C. which 	D. where34.Most folk songs are ballads ______ have simple words and tell simple stories.A. what 	B. when 	C. where 	D. that35. These learners, -------- come to my night class, like to learn English very much.A. that	B. which	C. who	D. they36. It’s the best film -------- about love.A. to be made	B. to make	C. making	D. being made37. Professor Smith, to --------- I have looked up, will visit the university next week.A. that	B. who	C. whom	D. which38. The chair on --------- I was sitting was suddenly broken.A. where	B. what	C. which	D. it39. The instructions -----------by my teacher helped me do the tasks easily.A. explained	B. explaining	C. which explains	D. was explained40. Laws should ----------------to stop people from cutting trees for wood.A. introduce	B. introducing	C. be introducing	D. be introduced41. Lan: Watching TV is a waste of time. - Mai: ---------------------------. A. Oh, I enjoy watching cartoons.	B. Well, I like watching TV.C. I think so.	D. Well, it’s very boring.42. A: .. were the 11th Asian Games held?	- B: In China.A. What	B. Where	C. How	D. When43. A:  is your hobby?	B: I like reading book.A. Why	B. How	C. What	D. Which44. A: ..?	- B: I can read book at home, school or library.A. Why do you read book?	B. Where do you read book?C. What kind of book do you like reading?	D. Do you like reading book?45. A:.?	 B: three hours a day.A. How long do you read book?	B. How do you read book?C. When do you read book?	D. How often do you read book?46. A: .. were the 11th Asian Games held?	- B: In China.A. What	B. Where	C. How	D. When47. A:  is your hobby?	B: I like reading book.A. Why	B. How	C. What	D. Which48. A:.?	- B: three hours a day.A. How long do you read book?	B. How do you read book?C. When do you read book?	D. How often do you read book?49.	Toan: ______________________?	- Ly: I prefer fishing to swimming.Which do you prefer, fishing or swimming?Which do you prefer, fishing to swimming?What do you prefer, fishing or swimming?Which do you prefer, fishing and swimming?50. Do you like collecting toy bikes?A. Never mind B. Yes, I do 	C. Not very interesting D. I love to51. Why do you go fishing everyday?A. No, I don’t B. There are many lakes here C. Because that is my hobby D. Not at all52. What do you think about his strange hobbies?A. He is exciting 	B. Disgusting 	C. I don’t care 	D. All are right53. When was the first Asian Games held?A. 1951 	B. 1952 	C. 1953 	D. 1954 III. Choose the word with the underlined part pronounced differently from the others:1. A. squeak	B. squeal	C. squawk	D. scrap2. A. scratch	B. screech	C. scream	D. squelch3. A. strong	B. screw	C. screen	D. scratch4. A. chopped	B. snapped	C. stopped	D. grabbed5. A. screw 	B. scream 	C. scoop 	D. scratch 6. A. stopped 	B. jumped 	C. stepped 	D. robbed7. A. sting 	B. strong 	C. string 	D. street 8. A. rubs 	B. cups 	C. robs 	D. clubs9. A. smart 	B. smile 	C. criticism 	D. smog 10. A. answer 	B. sweater 	C. swim 	D. switch11. A. slake 	B. slam 	C. island 	D. slim 12. A. school 	B. skip 	C. text 	D. sky13. A. spread	B. shrimp	C. spray	D. spring14. A. answer	B. swimmer	C. swallow	D. switch15. A. science	B. scan	C. scene	D. scissorsIV. Read the passage and choose the best answers to the questions.* Passage 1 	 	Before the 20th century, hobbies were something that only wealthy people had the time and money to enjoy. The present-day interest in hobbies throughout the world is the product of more free time for far more people, resulting from shortened working hours and greater prosperity. 	Some popular hobbies are as old as civilization. These include such activities as music, dance, literature, painting, sculpture, carving, weaving , raising pets, astrology and the making of pottery, basket, kites, toys,. 	Rulers in ancient times often collected valuable objects, rare manuscripts and art treasure. The monasteries of the Middle Ages maintained libraries to store the valuable documents and art works that they collected and produced. Later, individuals who were well-educated and had a broad range of interests made trips and traveled to other countries, bringing back fossil, plants, artifacts, and other objects. Such people also built up extensive personal libraries and collection.1. Who could enjoy hobbies before the 20th century?A. Poor people could .	B. Rich people couldC. All people could	D. Good people could.2. Why are hobbies so popular today?A. It is a modern need for everybody.	B. Many people have more free time.C. Technology has developed so quickly. D. People have nothing else to do in their free time.3. What hobbies appeared a long times ago?A. Collecting coins B. Reading	 C. Music and dance	 D. Collecting stamps4. Which of the following is TRUE?A. Well-educated collectors often collect fossil, plants, artifacts, and other objects.B. Well-educated collectors often collect libraries with valuable books.C. Well-educated collectors often collect rare manuscripts and art treasures.D. Well-educated collectors often collect extensive personal libraries.5. What is the passage mainly about?A. Book Collection B. The Middle Ages C. Hobbies	D. Well-educated collectors* Passage 2. Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answerASIAN GAMESThe Asian Games, also call the Asiad, is a multi-sport event held every 4 years among athletes from all over Asia. The games are regulated by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA)under the supervision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Medals are awarded in each event, with gold for first place, silver for second and bronze for third, atraditional which stated in 1951. The Asian Games are dominated by the People’sRepublic of China Competitors are entered by a National Olympic Committee (NOC) to represent their country of citizenship. National anthems and flags acompany the medal ceremonies, and table showing the number of medals won by each country are widely used. In general only recognized nations are represented , but a few nonsovereign countries are allowed to take part.1.Which of the following is true?A.The Asian Games are held every yearB.The International Olympic Committee is the founder of the AsiadC.The first gold medals were given to the winning athletes in 1951.D.The Olympic Council of Asia organizes the Games 2.The People’s Republic of China _________A.is the strongest in the Asian GamesB.is the host of the Asian GamesC.is not allowed to take part in the Games D.refuse to enter the Games3.In the medal ceremonies_________A. the competitors are entered to represent their country of citizenshipB. national anthems are playedC. the number of medals won by each country is first announcedD. the winner are given a string of flowers4.Which of the following is true of the right to participate in the Asian GamesA. Only recognized nations are allowed to take part B. Almost every nation can take part in the GamesC. Non-sovereign countries are also allowed to participateD. A and C are right5.What is another way to call The Asian Games?A. Sea Games	B. Asiad	C. Olympic	D. All are incorrect* Passage 3	A surprising number of popular spectator sports, for example football and baseball, started in Europe or in the USA in the 19th century. This did not happen by chance. It was the result of changes in the way people lived in those places at that time. Until then more people lived in the country than in towns. They worked in small groups and had no regular time off. All this changed with the growth of factories and industry in the 19th century, first in Europe and then in the USA. For the first time most people began to live in towns, and they found themselves with regular spare time. They had more leisure time than ever before. This resulted in the need for the organized entertainment. Suitable games were invented, typically team games, in which the crowded could become involved. This gave people some of the entertainment they need in their free time. It is the introduction of satellite and cable channels on TV that has caused an increase in demand for sports as entertainment. The television companies have brought to games such as football, tennis, and baseball, which means that spectator sports will certainly go on playing an important part in our lives.6. What is the reading passage mainly about?A. Spectator sports	B. Winter sports	C. Team games	D. Aquatic sports7. What does the word “time off” in line 4 mean?A. daytime	B. weekday	C. free time	D. a long time8. What does the word “which” in line 8 refer to?A. small groups	B. team games	C. cable channels	D. television companies9. What helps to increase the demand for sports as entertainment? A. Satellite	B. Cable channels	C. Television	D. The introduction of satellite and cable channels on TV10. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage?A. Football	B. Tennis	C. Baseball	D. RugbyVI. Read the passage and choose the best option to fill in the blank* Passage 1 	Sometimes I while always are slowly (26)  time by singing some popular hits. I feel that I am the nomarch of all I survey. There is nothing (27)  and there is not much to lose. There is nobody to converse and only (28) .. keeps company. So one feels as though one is Yogi. I enjoy the ripples in the water. I enjoy the (29) shoals of fish. I take pleasure in seeing king fisher. Now and then I may be (30) rewared with the music of a bird. In short, for those who can temperamentally enjoy loneliness, there is nothing like fishing.26. A. move	B. was moved	C. moved	D. moving27. A. win	B. won	C. to win	D. was won28. A. natural	B. nature	C. naturalize	D. naturally29. A. flocks	B. things	C. people	D. scenes30. A. allowed	B. awarded	C. obtained	D. received* Passage 2I’m Daisy. I am 17 years old. My hobby is collecting Baby Dolls. I (1)______them since I was six. I started to collect them from (2)________that my parents and friends gave me in my ( 3 )_______ birthday. I keep them in a shelf inside my room. Among them, I like Rose best because she has a very (4)_______ face that always attracts me to look at her. There are about 30 dolls in my ( 5 )________ and I will try to enrich my collection.1. A. collected 	B. has collected 	C. is collecting D. have been collecting2. A. gifts 	B. boxes 	C. packages 	D. All are correct3. A. the six	B. sixth 	C. the sixth 	D. six4. A. loveliness 	B. lovely 	C. love 	D. unlovely5. A .collect 	B. collected 	C. collection 	D. collects * Passage 3		People collect a large (1)of objects, such as stamps, postcards, dolls, cars, etc. Some people collect objects which are (2).with historical events or with famous people. But one of the strangest (3)..is that of eggcups. Kevin Murphy of Bradford in Yorkshire has 10.000 of them. Not surprisingly, his favorite eggcup is one in the shape of a typical Yorkshire man. Kevin’s (4)..began seven years ago, after he lent an elephant eggcup to a granddaughter who took such a liking to it she insisted on (5)..it. Kevin saw a few eggcups he liked at a sale at a local shop, and started collecting them.1. A. number	B. amount	C. changes	D. variety2. A. controlled	B. limited	C. connected	D. kept3. A. collections	B. hobbies	C. entertainments	D. recreations4. A. work	B. hobby	C. leisure	D. activity5. A. buying	B. selling	C. giving	D. keeping* Passage 4	Fish keeping is a(n)(1)..hobby concerned with keeping fish in the home tank or garden pond. Fish keeping is one of the most popular branch of the hobby, with even small pet stores often selling a variety of freshwater fish, such as goldfish, guppies, and angelfish. While most freshwater aquaria are set up as community tanks.(2)a variety of peaceful species, many aquarists keep single –species aquaria with a view to breeding . Live bearing fish, such as mollies and guppies, are..(3).the species that are most easily raised in captivity, but aquarists also regularly breed numerous other species, .(4)many types of cichlid, catfish, characin, and killifish. Garden(5).are in some ways similar to freshwater tank, but are usually much larger and exposed to the ambient climatic conditions. In the tropics, tropical fish can be kept in garden ponds, but in the cooler regions temperate zone species such as goldfish, and orfe are kept instead.1.A. interested 	B. famous 	C. popular 	D. admired2. A. contain 	B. contained 	C. to contain 	D. containing3. A. of 	B. in 	C. between 	D. among4. A. including 	B. consisting 	C. containing 	D. embracing5. A. rivers 	B. seas 	C. canals 	D. pondsVII. WRITING1. IT + BE + NOUN (PHRASE) + WHO/THAT +(S) + V1- The boy who visited his uncle last month. .2- my mother bought me a present on my birthday.3. Huong and Sandra sang together at the party. .4. the boys played football all the day. .5. the man is learning English. .6. the woman gave him the book.7- she sent her friend the postcard. .8. the little boy greeted his grandfather in a strange language.9. the boy hit the dog in the garden. .10. she made some cakes for tea. .11 .The neighbor tells them about it.àIt..12. The dog grabbed at the piece of meat and ran away.à It .13. That boy scored the goal for his teamà It ..14. The woman answered the man rudelyàIt ..15. The police arrested them at the railway stationà It ..2. IT +BE + SUBJECT + THAT + BE + V3/ED ( PASSIVE)1. Fans gave Christina a lot of flowers ..2. They asked the policeman for direction to the post office..3. they talked a lot about his house. .4. the Prince kissed my younger sister at the party ..VIII. Rewrite the following sentences without changing meaning:1. He didn’t listen to his parents. He failed at the exam.If ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. Carol didn’t answer the phone because she was studyingIf Carol__________________________________3. I’m very busy. I can’t go to the cinema with you tonight.àIf 4. He didn’t liten to his parents. He fell at the exam.àIf 5. Minh failed his graduation exam last year because he was very lazy.- If .6. I rains heavily, so I can’t get to school on time.- If .7. The boy scored the goal for his team.It was -----------------------------------------------------------------------------8. Every student respected to Mr. JohnsonIt was Mr.Johnson_________________________9. The child

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