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Đề ôn tập Unit 12, 13, 14 môn Tiếng Anh Khối 11
REVISION 2 (Unit 12, 13, 14)Practice test 1I. Read the passage and choose the best option to fill in each blank. People collect a large (1)of objects, such as stamps, postcards, dolls, cars, etc. Some people collect objects which are (2).with historical events or with famous people. But one of the strangest (3)..is that of eggcups. Kevin Murphy of Bradford in Yorkshire has 10.000 of them. Not surprisingly, his favorite eggcup is one in the shape of a typical Yorkshire man. Kevin’s (4)..began seven years ago, after he lent an elephant eggcup to a granddaughter who took such a liking to it she insisted on (5)..it. Kevin saw a few eggcups he liked at a sale at a local shop, and started collecting them.1. A. number	B. amount	C. changes	D. variety2. A. controlled	B. limited	C. connected	D. kept3. A. collections	B. hobbies	C. entertainments	D. recreations4. A. work	B. hobby	C. leisure	D. activity5. A. buying	B. selling	C. giving	D. keepingKeys: 1D, 2C, 3A, 4B, 5DII. Read the passage and choose the best answers to the questions.A surprising number of popular spectator sports, for example football and baseball, started in Europe or in the USA in the 19th century. This did not happen by chance. It was the result of changes in the way people lived in those places at that time. Until then more people lived in the country than in towns. They worked in small groups and had no regular time off. All this changed with the growth of factories and industry in the 19th century, first in Europe and then in the USA. For the first time most people began to live in towns, and they found themselves with regular spare time. They had more leisure time than ever before. This resulted in the need for the organized entertainment. Suitable games were invented, typically team games, in which the crowded could become involved. This gave people some of the entertainment they need in their free time. It is the introduction of satellite and cable channels on TV that has caused an increase in demand for sports as entertainment. The television companies have brought to games such as football, tennis, and baseball, which means that spectator sports will certainly go on playing an important part in our lives.6. What is the reading passage mainly about?A. Spectator sports	B. Winter sports	C. Team games	D. Aquatic sports7. What does the word “time off” in line 4 mean?A. daytime	B. weekday	C. free time	D. a long time8. What does the word “which” in line 8 refer to?A. small groups	B. team games	C. cable channels	D. television companies9. What helps to increase the demand for sports as entertainment? A. Satellite	B. Cable channels	C. Television	D. The introduction of satellite and cable channels on TV10. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage?A. Football	B. Tennis	C. Baseball	D. RugbyKeys: 6A, 7C, 8B, 9D, 10D	III. Choose the word with the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.  11. A. street	 	B. strong	C. strange	D. scream12. A. sits	B. reads	C. friends	D. kids 13. A. plants 	 	B. steps 	C. robs D .months14. A. jumped B .bribed	C. stepped 	 D. trapped15. A. managed 	B. washed 	C. changed 	D. mentionedKeys: 11D, 12A, 13C, 14B, 15BIV. Choose the word that has the main stress placed differently from that of the others.16. A. Asian 	B. gather	C. advance 	D. decade17. A. facilities 	B. solidarity 	C. performance 	D. aquatic18. A. appreciate 	B. promote 	C. participate 	D. introduce19. A. athletics 	B. hockey 	C. volleyball 	D. rugby20. A. volunteer 	B. competition 	C. enthusiastic	D. interculturalKeys: 16C, 17B, 18D, 19A, 20CIV. Choose the best option to complete each sentence. 21. Those athletes competed with all their best to get_____. 	 A. friendship	 	B. cultures 	C. medals 	D. advance22. The Vietnamese participants always take part ______ sports events with great enthusiasm.A. in 	B. on 	C. at 	D. to23. The Asian Games have been advancing ______ all aspects.A. on 	B. at 	C. in 	D. for24. New sports and traditional sports have been added ______ the Games.A. in 	B. on 	C. up 	D. to25. This multi-sport event is an occasion when friendship and _____ are built and promoted.A. knowledge 	B. solidarity 	C. effort 	D. enthusiasm26.There are some hobbies that I ___________in for a while besides reading and collectingA. occupy	B. accomplish	C. fascinate	D. indulge27. Tom has a large.of foreign coins.A. collecting	B. collective	C. collector	D. collection28. Eating out is the national ______ in France.A. pastime 	B. interest 	C. hobby 	D. game29. When she was young she never had time to ______ her hobbies.A. persist 	B. pursue 	C. engage 	D. delicate30. applicants should send their completed forms to the personnel office.A. Quality 	B. Qualitative 	C. Qualifications D. QualifiedKeys: 21C, 22A, 23C, 24D, 25B, 26D, 27D, 28A, 29B, 30DREVISION 2 (Unit 12, 13, 14)Practice test 2I. Choose the best option to complete each sentence. 1. Alexander Bell was the man.invented the telephone.A. which	B. who	C. whom	D. whose2.Professor Smith, to --------- I have looked up, will visit the university next week.A. that	 B. who	 C. whom	D. which3. I work in the hospital -----------------by the government.A. who sponsored	B. sponsored	C. which sponsored	D. who was sponsored4.Uncle Ho was the president.A. we adore him	 B. we adore	 C. whom we adore him	D. whom adores us5.It is in this room .we usually hold our meetings.A. that 	 B. which 	 C. where	D. when6. Either my father or my mother..to the meeting.A. go	B. have gone	C. are going	D. is going7. I left it ..................on the table or in the drawer.A. either 	B. neither 	C. both 	D. only8. It was my room that.last Sunday.A. pained	B. was painted	C. was painting	D. had painted9. Mai is not only beautiful --------- also intelligent.A. and	B. but	C. or	D. so10. Which one do you want? -I don't want ______.A. both 	B. neither 	C. either	 	D. each11. She has neither read the book ______ the film.A. or seen 	B. nor see 	C. or see 	D. nor seen12. Thomas Elkins studied not only painting ______ anatomy when he was training to become an artist.A. moreover 	B. but also 	C. as well 	D. and13. I often see _____ films nor plays on TV.A. such 	B. both 	C. neither 	D. either14. She has neither written nor ________ me for a long time.A. to phone 	B. phoning 	C. phones 	D. phoned15. It was Mr. Harding _____ the bill to yesterday.A. who sent my secretary 	B. to whom my secretary sentC. that my secretary sent 	D. my secretary sent 16. Tom: __________were there at the 1st Asian Games? John: Six.A. How many sports	B. What sports	C. When and where	D. How much sports17. Nam: Let’s go camping.- Minh: ____________ A. No problem B. No, we won’t C. Yes, let’s. 	D. No, thanks18.Alice: ____________- Carol: Going out.A. What do you like collecting?	 	B. What is the most important thing to do?C. . What’s your favourite food?	D What outdoor activity do you enjoy?19.Linda: ______________? Maria: Keeping fish.A. Do you like fish?	B. What’s your hobby?	C. Would you like to have a fish?	D. What kind of fish do you like to keep?20. Tom: I think that killing endangered animals must be banned.Jane: ________________.A. I can’t agree with you more. 	B. It’s wise to keep them in the zoo.C. They should be free in their natural environment. D. I’m not sure about it Keys: 1B, 2C, 3B, 4B, 5A, 6D, 7A, 8B, 9B, 10C, 11D, 12B, 13C, 14D, 15C, 16A, 17C, 18D, 19B, 20AV. Choose the underlined part that needs correcting.21.Two men, neither of who I had seen before, came into the office.	A	B	C	D22. Have you got something which gets ink out of a carpet?	A	B	C	D23. He was respected by the people with whom he worked with.	A	B	C	D24.He didn't know the foreign language, that made it difficult for him to get a job.	A	B	C	D25. All of the boys are chosen for school football team are under 9.	A	B	C	DKeys: 21A (neither of whom), 22B (that), 23D (No word is needed), 24B (which), 25B (chosen)VI. Rewrite the following sentences, using the suggestions in brackets26.Mary enjoys listening to rock music, so does her brother .(Using “both..and”)Both27.The teacher gave Mary the book. (Using the cleft sentence in the passive voice.)It was 28. My father doesn’t like pop music. He doesn’t like jazz, either. (Using neither..nor.)My father likes 29. The woman answered the man rudely.( Using the cleft sentence in the active voice.)It was the woman 30. She bought this handbag at a small shop.It was atKeys: 26. Both Mary and her brother enjoy listening to rock music.27. It was Mary that was given the book by the teacher.28. My father likes neither pop music nor jazz.29. It was the woman who answered the man rudely.30. It was at a small shop that she bought this handbag

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