59 Đề cương ôn tập thi học kỳ I môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 11 – Vũ Thị Hồng Nhung mới nhất

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Đề cương ôn tập thi học kỳ I môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 11 - Vũ Thị Hồng Nhung
REVISION FOR THE FIRST TEST (English 11)I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.A. machine	B. change	C. teacher	D. chooseA. condition	B. option	C. suggestion	D. relationA. believe	B. readily	C. friend	D. pleasure A. good 	B. gossip	C. game	D. geometryA. trust 	B. mutual	C. number	D. uncertainA. grade 	B. great	C. sneaky	D. embraceA. money 	B. notice	C. glance	D. ankleA. imagine 	B. glance	C. geography	D. religionA. looked 	B. noticed	C. turned	D. helpedA. change 	B. English	C. single	D. angerA. candle 	B. cake	C. decorate	D. celebrationA. adult 	B. candle	C. talk	D. flowerA. hour 	B. honest	C. vehicle	D. happyA. weather 	B. cream	C. friend	D. weddingA. birthday 	B. although	C. together	D. clothingII. Choose the one word or phrase - A, B, B, or D - that best completes the sentences or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.It was so relaxing to be ________ old friends.A. in 	B. between 	C. among 	D. aroundShe's made friends________ a little girl who lives next door.A. to 	B. of 	C. by 	D. withThe children seem to be totally capable ________ working by themselves.A. on 	B. of 	C. in	D. forYour friendship should be based on ________ trust.A. basic 	B. fragile 	 C. mutual	D. blindThe company expects ________ from its employees.A. constancy 	B. quality 	C. interest	D. loyaltyI've got lots of ________, but only a few are really good friendsA. close friends 	B. acquaintances 	C. neighbors 	D. partnersFriendship is a two-sided ________, it lives by give-and-take.A. affair 	B. event 	C. aspect 	D. featureUnselfishness is the very essence of friendship.A. romantic part 	B. important part 	C. difficult part 	D. interesting partThey ________ a close friendship at university.A. created 	B. became	C. promoted 	D. formedWe stayed friends even after we ________ and left home.A. brought up 	B. turned up 	C. grew up 	D. took upShe glanced briefly ________ his lapel badge.A. in 	B. on 	C. at 	D. upPeople here have a more relaxed attitude ________ their work.A. to 	B. in 	C. on 	D. forThe novel is based on his ________ in the war.A. attitudes 	B. images 	C. situations 	D. experiencesI don't like that man. There is a sneaky look on his face.A. furious 	B. humorous 	C. dishonest 	D. guiltyShe made a big ________ about not having a window seat on the plane.A. complaint 	B. fuss 	C. excitement 	D. interestHe has a very outgoing ________ and makes friends very easily.A. person 	B. personal 	C. personality 	D. personageHe ________ to the spot where the house used to stand. A. pointed 	B. showed 	C. directed 	D. glancedTeenagers often have their ________ who they admire very much.A. ideals 	B. admirers 	C. images 	D. idolsI had a glance at the article, but I haven't read it yet.A. close look 	B. quick look 	C. direct look 	D. furtive lookA lots of foods and drinks will be served _______ the party. A. in 	B. at 	C. for 	D. withThe anniversary of the founding of the charity falls _______ 12th November. A. in 	B. on 	C. at 	D. toWhen they get together, all they talk _______ is football. A. to	B. with 	C. about 	D. onWe tried to make a _______ of our situation, but it wasn't funny. A. joke 	B. trick	C. tension 	D. riskHe tried his best to make his birthday party more _______ . A. enjoyed 	B. enjoying 	C. enjoyment 	D. enjoyableWhen they finished singing, Lisa _______ the candles on the cake. A. turned off 	B. blew out 	C. cleared up 	D. brought outIII. Choose the word or phrase - A, B, C, or D -that best completes the sentence.He finds it ________ lasting friendships.A. difficult to make B. difficulty in making	C. is difficult to make 	D. difficult makingThe aim of the culture festival is ________ friendship between the two countriesA. promote 	B. promoting 	C. to promote 	D. being promotedAll the passengers were made ________ their seat belts during the turbulence. A. buckle 	B. to buckle 	C. buckling 	D. for buckling.________ good ice cream, you need to use a lot of cream.A. Make 	B. Making 	C. To make 	D. For makeI got my friend ________ her car for the weekend. A. to let me to borrow 	B. to let me borrow C. let me borrow 	D. let me to borrowThey ________ good friends, but they've fallen out recently.A. used to be 	B. would be 	C. were 	D. areBefore he turned 14, Mozart ________ a few lesser piece for the piano.A. has composed 	B. had composed 	C. was composed 	D. would composedHe was busy________ his homework. A. to do 	B. doing 	C. for doing 	 	D. that he was doing________ this holiday for ages. A. We're looking forward to 	B. We looked forward toC. We look forward to 	D. We've looked forward to________ hard all year, so I felt that I deserved a holiday.A. I work 	B. I worked 	C. I'd been working 	D. I've workedThe traffic lights ________ green and I pulled away. A. turned 	B. were turning 	C. has turned 	D. had turnedHow fast________ when the accident happened?A. are you driving 	B. were you driving C. did you drive 	D. had you drivenWhere________? Which hairdresser did you go to?A. did you cut your hair 	B. have you cut your hairC. did you have cut your hair 	D. did you have your hair cutFortunately, the hospital's new air-conditioning system________ when the first heat wave of the summer arrived.A. had installed 	B. installed C. had been installed 	D. had been installingA friend of mine phoned _______ me to a party. A. for invite 	B. inviting 	C. to invite	D. for invitingI couldn't find John at the party last night. If we _______ him, we’d have been very happy. A. would meet 	B. met 	C. had met 	D. have metLet's have a party to celebrate our third successive win, ________? A. don't we 	B. do we 	C. will we 	D. shall weMy parents wouldn't _______ to the party. A. allow me go 	B. allow me to go 	C. allow me going 	D. allow to goWe are going to have my house _______ tomorrow morning. A. paint 	B. painting 	C. painted 	D. to be painted60. Sally's low test scores kept her from _______ to the university. A. admitting 	B. to admit 	C. to be admitted 	D. being admittedIV. Identify the one underlined word or phrase - A, B, C or D - that must be corrected.Simon finds it hard for making friends with other children. Hardly he had entered the office when he realized that he had forgotten his office key.Approximately 70 percent of all parents let their children to attend school.You should make your parents be happy for the rest of their life.I think you should take the raincoat with you in case it will rain hard this afternoon. The Nelsons asked us look over their plants for them while they were away on vacation.When he came , we had dinner.I often listen at music when I have free time.I expected to invited to the party , but I wasn’t.Mark the stress and name the part of speechUnit 11. unselfish 2. constancy 3. loyalty 4. sympathy 5. acquaintance 6. mutual 7. suspicion 8. incapable of 9. medium 10. oval 11. crooked 12. hospitable 13. generous 14. modest 15. honest 16. humorous 17. studious 18. favourite Unit 21. embarrassing 2. idol 3. sneaky 4. experience 5. affect 6. travel 7. appreciate 8. serious 9. attitude 10. imagine 11. cottage 12. embrace 13. escape 14. memorable 15. protect 16. rescue 17. imitate Unit 31. celebrate 2. relative 3. candle 4. marry: 5. silver anniversary: 6. golden anniversary: 7. farewell party 8. house-warming 9. decorate 10. budget 11. gather 12. icing 13. accidentally 14. refreshments 15. tidy up 16. upset 17. helicopter V. Fill in each blank with one appropriate word from the box.words last experience talk accent Meeting old school friends again can be a strange (1)___________. Some have changed so much that you can hardly recognise them: they speak with a different (2)___________, are interested in different things and all you can do is make small (3)___________ and hope they'll go soon. Others, though you might have been out of (4)___________ with them for years, are just the same as they always were - it's as if you (5)___________ saw them yesterday. VI. Read the passage, then decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).The proverb 'A friend in need is a friend indeed.' means that we shall know who our real friends are when we are in need. Those who desert us when we are in difficulty are just unfaithful friends. A true friend would remain with us whether we are rich or poor. Some people befriend the rich, simply for the sake of getting benefits from them.It is useless to have insincere friends because these friends remain with us as long as we are rich or powerful. It is better to have one or two good friends rather than having hundreds of insincere ones. A true friend will stand by us in our trials and tribulations. He will be a great source of consolation and comfort in our troubles. So we must be careful in choosing our friends. It is difficult to choose a sincere friend overnight; it takes years for us to find a sincere friend.Real friends share everything we need.	Unfaithful friends stop being our friends when we are in trouble.	A rich friend is always a true friend.	A true friend is always loyal to us and support us through our difficulties. It's not worth having a lot of friends.	It may take a lot of time to find a real friend.	VII. Finish the second sentences with the same meaningThe students look forward to doing the test well. (expect)Clearing up my room is something I dislike. => I hate .We dislike people cheating us. (cheated)Loan always expects everyone to admire her. (admired)During test, the light went out. => While The boy was cheating during the test. His teacher saw him then. => His teacher saw the boy  VIII. Infinitive or gerund?Can you manage (finish) ..the work by yourself.Phuong’s parents won’t let her (go) out with that boy.The children were made (wash) .their hands before meal.I can’t afford (have) .a holiday abroad.I can’t stand people (ask) .me questions all the time.The grass is very long. It needs (cut) ..I’m afraid I’m very bad at (learn) .. language.I didn’t mean (make) you upset. You ought (keep) . (practise) .english regularly if you want (improve) ..it.Hung offered (give) me a ride to the station.It’s no use (learn) a foreign language if you don’t practice it.The company seems (make) .good profit this year.Tuong Vy mentioned (see) you the other day.I would really like (visit) .Dubai city one day.I don’t know why my friend refused (get) ..that offer.Students had better (pay) more attention to their study.It’s difficult (master) english without passion.Our boss had made us (finish) .the report before 5pm yesterday.Instead of (promote) .., Minh was dismissed after all of her efforts.I used to (beat) by my Dad every time we played chess.---------------------------- THE END ------------------------------

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