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Bài tập tổng hợp Unit 9 môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 11 - Bùi Duy Phong
I. Circle the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.
1. 	A. sea	B. ocean	C. teach	D. cheap
2.	A. word	B. work	C. worm	D. world
3.	A. desks	B. parks	C. pays	D. effects
4.	A. govern	B. some	C. post	D. month
5.	A. Pacific	B. Atlantic	C. American	D. balance
6.	A. gun	B. human	C. population	D. huge
7.	A. partly	B. century	C. luckily	D. supply
8.	A. depth	B. secret	C. between	D. prefer
9.	A. offices	B. introduces	C. pollutes	D. classes
10.	A. oversized	B. cared	C. filled	D. minded
11.	A. facsimile	B. transfer	C. spacious	D. fax
12.	A. equipped	B. delivered	C. transferred	D. received
13.	A. helps	B. provides	C. documents	D. texts
II. Choose the word that has stress pattern different from that of the other words.
14.	A. courteous	B. subscribe	C. service	D. customer
15.	A. technology	B. distribution	C. delivery	D. facsimile
16.	A. advanced	B. technology	C. express	D. spacious
I. Circle the best answer for each sentence.
1. The hotel staff is friendly and..
	A. unhelpful	B. courteous	C. discourteous	D. impolite
2. We are proud our  staff, who are always friendly and efficient.
	A. well-done	B. well-appointed	C. well-behaved	D. well-trained
3. EMS stand for 
	A. Electronic Mail Service	B. Express Mail Service
	C. Economic Mail Service	D. Environment management Service
4. If someone want to send a document and does not want to lose its...shape , facsimile service will help you. 
	A. beginning	B. last	C. original	D. recent
5. People can buy daily . in many local post office in early morning.
	A. newspapers	B. books	C. postcards	D. letters
6. All post offices in Viet Nam are equipped with advanced .
	A. knowledge	B. machines	C. science	D. technology
7. Fax transmission has now become a cheap and .. way to transmit texts and graphics over distance.
	A. inconvenient	B. convenient 	C. uncomfortable	D. comfortable
8. If you .. to your favourite newspapers and magazines, they will be delivered to your house early in the morning.
	A. buy	B. book	C. pay	D. subscribe
9. Post offices offer a special mail service which is called ..
10 Your EMS mail will be .. in the shortest possible time.
	A. provided	B. delivered	C. taken	D. caught
11. You can choose to send your letters by air or ..mail.
	A. sea	B. land	C. surface	D. hand
12. Can you send it to me ..fax.
	A. through	B. by	C. on	D. in
13. Could you fax it me?
	A. with	B. on	C. to	D. through
14. Mrs. Pike has just bought some kitchen .for her new house.
	A. equip	B. equiped	C. equipment	D. equipping
15. He was a kind and courteous mailman.
	A. polite	B. strict 	C. unpleasant	D. rude
16. If you want to send a document and do not want to lose its original shape, our facsimile service will help you 
	A. post	B. express	C. parcel	D. fax
17. John often uses Express Money ..to send money to his parents in the countryside.
	A. Change	B. Exchange	C. Transfer	D. Send
18. The Messenger Call Service helps you to notify the recipient of the time and place to receive the call.
	A. receiver	B. fax	C. call	D. telephone
19. Fax ..has become more and more popular because it is cheap and convenient.
	A. exchange	B. distance	C. sending	D. transmission
20. If you go to the post office, please post these letters.
	A. fax	B. sign	C. send	D. stamp
21. I can answer the question  you say is very difficult.
	A. which	B. whom	C. who	D. whose
22. This is Mr. Jones, ..invention has helped hundreds of deaf people.
	A. which	B. that	C. whose	D. whom
23. Tom, . sits next to me, is from Canada.
	A. that	B. whom	C. who	D. whose
24. The volunteers, .. enthusiasm was obvious, finished the work quickly.
	A. who	B. whom	C. whose	D. that
25. Many scientists have claimed that  like music are often good at mathematics.
	A. children	B. children who	C. children whom	D. whose children
26. My friend,  I visited lask week, is taking a holiday soon.
	A. that	B. whom	C. which	D. whose
27. The doctor re examining a patient  was taken to hospital last night.
	A. which	B. who	C. whom	D. whose
28. A pacifist is a person .. believes that all wars are wrong.
	A. who	B. whose	C. whom	D. which
29. My friend,  hated horror film, refused to go to the cinema with me.
	A. whom	B. which	C. whose	D. who
30. Tam, ..parents died last year in an accident, has just moved ta Ha Nam to live with his uncle
	A. whose	B. whom	C. who 	D. which
31. We didn’t want to swim in the sea, .looked very dirty.
	A. where	B. in which	C. which	D. that
32. The teacher .house is next to mine died this morning.
	A. who	B. whom	C. which	D. whose
33. Yesterday I went to I had never been to before.
	A. Thanh Ba Post Office, that	B. Thanh Ba Post Office where
	C. Thanh Ba Post Office which	D. Thanh Ba Post Office, which 
34. Express Money Transfer is one of the quickest ways helps us to send money.
	A. who	B. whose	C. when	D. that
35. The government sent money and food to the people ...houses were destroyed by the storm last week
	A. which	B. that	C. whom	D. whose
36. .has just won an international scholarship.
	A. David Pike, whose parents are both teachers. B. David Pike whose parents are both teachers
	C. David Pike parents of who are both teachers D. David Pike, whom parents are both teachers
37. The restaurant .has just opened has a famous chef.
	A. whose	B. who	C. it	D. that
38. This school is only for children ..first language is not English.
	A. who	B. whose	C. which	D. that	
39. The man had blew off in the wind chased it across the park.
	A. his	B. who	C. whose	D. which
40. She lives in the house 
	A. which has the red door	B. has the red door
	C. that with the red door	D. with its red door
41.What services do you ___________ the post office offers?
	A. believe	B. see	C. know	D. understand
42.You can _________to send your letters by air or surface mail.
	A. have	B. like	C. select	D. get
43.You want to send a document and do not want to lose its __________shape.
	A. creative	B. causal	C. fresh	D. original
44.Fax tranmission has become a cheap and convenient way to ____________ texts over distances.
	A. transfer	B. give	C. take	D. bring
45.The maximum weight limit of a parcel is 31,5 kg.
	A. boundary	B. length	C. check	D. end
46.We offer a very ____________rate for parcels os under 15 kg.
	A. competitive	B. emulative	C. adjective	D. active
47. This service help you to_________ the recipient of the time and place to receice the call.
	A. talk	B. speak	C. inform	D. report
48.We offer a speedy and_________ servive of transferring money in less than 24 hours.
	A. secure	B. certain	C. fast	D. sound
49.The ____________ weight limit of a parcel is 31,5 kg.
	A. tiny	B. small	C. maximum	D. little
50.What services do you think the post office____________?
	A. withdraws	B. receives	C. sells	D. offers
51.I’m reading a______________story book this week.
	A. differ	B. different	C. difference	D. differently
52.He gave her a _____________look. “Are you sure?” he demanded.
	A. challenge	B. challenger	C. challenged	D. challenging
53.It was said that the article was an excellent piece of __________journalism.
	A. Investigate	B. investigative	C. investigation	D. investigating
54.The boss informs the company needs to reduce its _____________on just one particular product.
	A. depend	B. dependent	C. dependence	D. dependant
55.My mother’s attitudes are very________________, considering her age
	A. modern	B. modernity	C. modernize	D. modernization
56. Is it true that the sea bed___________here to 5,000 metres.
	A. deep	B. deeper	C. deepens	D. depth
57.They’ve got to try to keep_____________as they grow order.
	A. act	B. active	C. action	D. actor
58.That woman would never do anything to _____________the lives of her children.
	A. danger	B. dangerous	C. endanger	D. endangered
59.Last weekend they saw a quick film showng the various stages in the ____________of class.
	A. produce	B. products	C. producer	D. production
60.My brother said that they______________be ashamed of themselves.
	A. could	B. should	C. did	D. would
61.The doctor is doing all that he____________, but the boy is still not breathing properly.
	A. can	B. could 	C. shall	D. might
62.Mary said she____________see her uncle the next day.
	A. ought to	B. should	C. would	D. must
63.They say that cars_____________park in front of the entrance.
	A. mustn’t	B. didn’t have to	C. couldn’t	D. didn’t need
64.Is she ______________in cash or by credit card?
	A. paying	B. paid	C. having paid	D. to pay
65.They’ll pay us double____________we get the work finished by Saturday.
	A. if	B. unless	C. supposing	D. provided
66. The man _________is standing overthere is my director.
	A. who	B. whom	C. which	D. whose
67.The boy __________you met yesterday was my son.
	A. who	B. whom	C. which 	D. whose
68.Martin,______________mother is Spanish, can speak both English and Spanish fluently.
	A. who	B. whom	C. which	D. whose
69.My house, ______________was built in 1995, was old.
	A. who	B. whom	C. that	D. which
70.He is the best student________________has just won the scholarship.
	A. who	B. whom	C. which	D. that
II. Use the word given to fill in the blank to complete the following sentences:
facsimile service
1. I tried working at home, but I prefer working ________ in the office so that I've got access to the computer database.
2. If you want to contect us, please send us a(n) _________ or write us a(n) ________.
3. The _________ cost for the air-conditioner will be small.
4. Maria always shows excellent ________ conditioner will be small.
5. Our ________ staff are always courteous nad helpful to customers.
6. I'd like this letter sent by special ________. I can pay extra money for it.
7. Letters, e-mail ________, and calls are private means of __________.
8. Our ________ will help you send a document over distance.
9. Ideas, emotions or thoughts have to be presented in ways which make them _______.
10. The IBC company specializes in _________, sending and receiving of messages over distance by telephone, radio and television.
III. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting.
1. The waiter whom served us yesterday was polite and friendly.
 A B C D
2. This class is only for people who’s first language is not Chinese.
	 A B C D 
3. This is the boy who sister studied with me in high school
 A B C D 
4. He is moving to Lang Son city, that is in the north-east of Viet Nam.
 A B C D 
5. The girl is standing over there is from Australia
 A B C D 
Rewrite the sentences, using relative clauses.
1. Most of the people speak German. They live in Australia.
→ .
2. The bus isn’t running today. It goes to Oxford.
3. I don’t like the man. He is going out with my sister.
4. Michelangelo is one of Italy’s greatest artists. He lived until he was 90.
→ .
5. Mary was staying with her friend. He has a big house in Scotland.
6. The person asked me some very difficult questions. He interviewed me.
→ .
7. Charlie Chaplin became a very rich man. He was from a poor family.
8. The 1992 Olympics were held in Barcelona. It is in the north-east of Spain.
9.A girl was injured in he accident. She is now in hospital.
→A girl 
10.A man answered the phone. He told me you were away.
→A man .
11.A waitress served us. She was very impolite and impatient.
→A waitress ..	
12.A building was destroyed in the fire. It has now been rebuilt.
→A building .
13.Some people were arrested. They have now been released.
→Some people 
14. I met Jane’s father. He works at the university.
→I met .
15.Peter is studying French and German. He has never been abroad.
→Peter .
16.You’ve all met Michael Wood. He is visiting us for a couple of days.
→You’ve .....	
17.We are moving to Manchester. Manchester is in the the north – west.
→We are 
18.Mr. Smith is my director. He is sitting in the office.
→Mr. Smith .......
19.It takes six hours to drive from here to London.
→It is 
20.He was sorry he hadn’t said goodbye to her at the airport.
→He regretted .
21. Absolute secrecy was crucial to the success of the mission.
→Without ..
22.A waiter spilled soup over Lydia’s new dress last night.
→Lydia .
23.It was the goalkeeper that saved the match for us.
24.Tim insisted on being told the complete story.
→Nothing but the complete story would satisfy Tim.
25.Jane’s husband will be returning from South America quite soon.
→It won’t ..
26.I don’t really like her, even though I admire her achievements.
→Much as ..
27.Alice and Charles did not decide to move to a bigger house until after the birth of their second child.
→Only .
28.Under no circumstances should you phone the police.
→The last .
29.We couldn’t find George anywhere.
→George was ..
I. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.
Between the Revolutionary period and the World War I, the United States post office was set out to improve transportation of the post office mails. From those early days to the present, the post office has helped develop and subsidize every new mode transportation in the United States. Transportation has been the most important element in mail delivery. Even when the general public had still suspected of the security of a new means of transportation, the post office experimented with inventions that offered potential for moving the mail faster, occasionally suffering embarrassment, ridicule, or even abuse in the process.
	As mail delivery evolved from foot to horseback, stagecoach, steamboat, railroad, automobile, and airplane, with intermediate and overlapping use of balloons, and helicopters, post office mail contracts ensured the income necessary to build the great highways, rail lines, and airways that eventually spanned the continent.
	By the turn of the 19th century, the U.S. Post Office had purchased a number of stagecoaches for operation on the nation’s better post roads – a post road being any road on which the mail travels – and continued to encourage new designs to improve passenger comfort and carry mail safely.
1. The passage is about ____.
	A. transportation of the Post Office in the US	B. the Post Office in the Revolutionary period
	C. the Post Office in the World War I	D. transportation and public ideas
2. According to the passage, the main purpose of the Post Office is ____
	A. to develop transportation	B. to apply new mean of transportation
	C. to deliver mail as safely and fast as possible	
	D. to subsidize every new mode of transportation
3. Which means of transportation used in the Post Office is NOT referred in the passage?
	A. train	B. car	C. plane	D. motorcycle
4. The Post Office ____.
	A. has never used helicopters in delivery	
	B. contributes income to build highways, railroads, and airways
	C. has never been the first to use a new means of transportation
 D. makes no contribution to build roads
5. Any road on which the mail travels is called .. .
	A. motorway	B. highway	C. national road	D. post road
II. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.
Nowadays people are more aware that wildlife all over the world is in ___1___. Many ___2___ of animals are threatened and could easily become ___3___ if we do not make an effort to ___4___. There are many reasons for this. In some cases, animals are ___5___ for their fur or for other valuable parts of their bodies. Some birds, ___6___ as parrots, are caught ___7___ and sold as pets. For many animals and birds, the problem that their habitat, the ___8___ where they live is ___9___. More ___10___ is used for farms, for houses or industry, and there are fewer open ___11___ than there once were. Farmers use powerful chemicals to help them grow better ___12___, but these chemicals pollute the environment and ___13___ wildlife. The most successful animals on earth, human beings, will soon be the only ones ___14___, unless we can ___15___ this problem.
 1: 	A. danger	B. problem	C. threat	D. vanishing
 2: 	A. forms	B. more	C. marks	D. species
 3: 	A. empty	B. vanished	C. disappeared	D. extict
 4: 	A. harm	B. serve	C. protect	D. safe
 5: 	A. extinct	B. hunted	C. chased	D. game
 6: 	A. or	B. like	C. such	D. where
 7: 	A. alive	B. for living	C. for life	D. lively
 8: 	A. site	B. pint	C. place	D. spot
 9: 	A. departing	B. escaping	C. exhausting	D. disappearing 
10: 	A. soil	B. area	C. land	D. earth
11: 	A. up	B. spaces	C. air	D. parts
12: 	A. fields	B. herbs	C. crops	D. products
13: 	A. spoil	B. wrong	C. harm	D. wound
14: 	A. missing	B. left	C. over	D. survived
15: 	A. answer	B. calculate	C. explain	D. solve
III. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.
Today I'd like to begin a discussion on the problem of the heating up the earth. First we'll touch on the relationship between fluorocarbons and the ozone layer. You probably remember that the ozone layer is the protective shield around the earth. It is important to all life, because it filters out harmful ultraviolet light from the sun. Ozone itself, a form of oxygen, is regularly destroyed by natural chemical processes.
The problem now is that too much of the ozone layer is being destroyed. Scientists suspect that certain chemicals, such as fluorocarbons, are contributing to the depletion of the ozone layer. And how do we use fluorocarbons? The most common uses are in spray cans and cooling systems. The chemical pollution from theses fuorocrabons can account for some of the ozone losses that have been reported. There are, however, new studies linking the sun itself to the depletion of the ozone layer. We'll go into that new study more next time.
1: Who is the most likely speaker?
A. A mechanic	B. A professor	C. A doctor	D. A chemist
2: What is the speaker's main topic?
A. Fluorocarbons and ozone layer	B. Ultraviolet
C. Air-conditioning systems	D. The uses of spray cans
3: What is the most important purpose of the ozone layer?
A. Providing fluorocarbons	B. Shielding the sun
C. Protecting the earth	D. Destroying chemicals
4: What is the ozone layer made of?
A. Ultraviolet light	B. Shields	C. Oxygen	D. Fluorocarbons
5: What will the speaker probably discuss next?
A. The make-up of the ozone layer	B. How to make air conditioners with fuorocarbons
C. Harmful effects of ultraviolet light	D. The sun as a cause of ozone layer depletion
IV. Give the correct form of the words:
1. .I’ll pay you double if you (get) .the work finished by Friday.
2.We’ll have the party in the garden if the weather (be) .good. If not, it’ll have to be inside.
3.If anyone (ring) .for me, please tell them I’ll be back in the office at 4 o’clock.
4.If she hadn’t called, I (not know)
5.We’ll deal with that problem if and when it (arise) 
6.Unless you (call) .me to say you’re not coming, I’ll see you at the theatre.
7.Her brother (not listen) .to the radio at all.
8.She(not like)  History but she (enjoy) .English
9.What birds (sing) .now?- Birds (sing) ...................
10.The boy who just (leave) here is a good student.
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