59 Bài tập tổng hợp Unit 4 môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 11 mới nhất

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Bài tập tổng hợp Unit 4 môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 11
 Biên soạn và tổng hợp bởi Lê Công Đức Study responsibly and seriously! 
I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest. 
1. A. war B. work C. world D. whom 2. A. winter B. umbrella C. under D. utter 3. A. student B. education C. united D. struck 4. A. suffer B. unhappy C. cup D. uniform 5. A. sword B. sweat C. swing D. swallow II. Choose the word that is stressed differently from the rest. 
1. A. volunteer B. hospital C. orphanage D. mountainous 2. A. museum B. interest C. handicapped D. difficult 3. A. participate B. organize C. voluntary D. usually 4. A. problem B. enough C. listen D. summer 5. A. example B. happiness C. advantage D. disaster 
 1. Full _____ by all members is compulsory. A. participate B. participation C. participating D. participant 2. My friends and I usually take part _______ volunteer activities because they help to benefit our community and have good effects on others in the society. A. on B. at C. in D. to 3. Children in remote and mountainous areas usually lack of necessary services and education, so we need to raise more funds to help them. A. suburb B. central C. natural D. faraway 4. The local authorities are conducting a campaign to help _______ disabled. A. a B. – C. the D. any 5. John no longer wants to live in the big city because of facing lots of negative issues such as pollution, criminals, high cost of living, etc. A. no sooner B. no more C. still D. normally 6. My friend, Tony, and I are charge _______ the meeting and decorating the room. A. to organize B. in organizing C. of organizing D. for having organized 7. More than 70 people were killed in the _______ caused by a burst dam. A. flood B. drought C. fire C. cyclone 8. A _______ is a very bad accident such as an earthquake or plane crash, especially one in which a lot of people are killed. A. drought B. disaster C. destruction D. war 9. He was eventually diagnosed as suffering _______ terminal cancer. A. at B. against C. from D. in 10. The local authority asked for a _______ contribution from the community to repair roads and bridges. A. volunteer B. voluntary C. voluntarily D. volunteers 11. Vietnamese people have the tradition of taking care of and helping others. A. look after B. take part in C. overcome D. clean up 
 Biên soạn và tổng hợp bởi Lê Công Đức Study responsibly and seriously! 
II. GRAMMAR 1. I suppose you also deny _______ with Nicole Auger in your office yesterday afternoon. A. meeting B. of having met C. to have met D. having met 2. Local people have no objection to _______ a new park in the area. A. build B. building C. having built D. built 3. _______ their homework, my son and daughter usually spend time together playing board games like monopoly or chess. A. To finish B. Finishing C. Having finished D. Being finished 4. We never depend on other people to live and get success. Be independent and never think of having your work _______by others. A. to do B. doing C. done D. do 5. _______ the bad weather and heavy rain, the football match was canceled. A. Despite B. Due to C. In order to D. Thanks to 6. Children _______ up in a single parent family are easy to get autism because of being always under psychological pressure. A. who bring B. brought C. bringing D. that brought 7. If there _______ no poor people in this life, life would be happier. A. had been B. are C. were D. have been 8. Some children aged from five to ten are made _______ at night such as selling peanuts, fruit, or lottery to help their parents. A. working B. work C. to work D. to working 9. Everything has been prepared for the ceremony, _______? A. didn’t it B. have they C. hasn’t it D. did they 10. A lot of food and necessary things _______ to the people in the flooded area in the middle part of Vietnam. A. delivered B. have been delivered C. were delivered D. had been delivered 11. _______ from the horseback, he was taken to hospital and had an operation. A. As he was fallen B. When falling C. After having fallen D. To fall 12. No one can prevent us _______ good things. A. to doing B. from doing C. against doing D. of doing 13. He has smoked for more than twenty years, and eventually he _______ from a lung cancer now. A. suffers B. takes C. participates D. enters 14. Although she studied English at University, she is working _______ an accountant now. A. for B. at C. as D. over 15. The _______ have to suffer from a serious physical or mental disability. A. educated B. handicapped C. aged D. orphaned 16. The governments of many countries are trying to prevent a nuclear _______ at any cost. A. disadvantage B. suffer C. war D. organization 17. They asked us _______ to New York. A. whether I had been B. when had we been C. if did we go D. how we have been 18. I am used to _______ with the window open. A. sleep B. sleeping C. having slept D. slept 19. You had better _______ here. A. taking advantage of living B. take advantage of living 
 Biên soạn và tổng hợp bởi Lê Công Đức Study responsibly and seriously! 
C. having taken advantage of living D. take advantage of live 20. While everyone in the movies was watching the movie, someone _______ his/ her telephoned very noisily. A. answered B. was answering C. had answered D. has answered III. READING Volunteering can be the experience of a lifetime for some people as it is a life changing experience. Volunteer Bolivia is the international volunteer organization that combines a volunteer service learning experience with a program for an unforgettable intercultural experience. They offer an affordable for you to experience a foreign country while lending a hand. Their variety of community volunteer positions provide you with the opportunity to make new friends, define a new career, develop new skills, and share your skills with others. Short-term volunteers are a crucial part of their program allowing you to fulfil the needs of a variety of children’s centers scattered around the region. These centers provide services for children. Long-term volunteers are those who stay with them more than five months, speak intermediate Spanish and are specialized volunteers who have an expertise that matches their Bolivian colleagues’ needs. Many long-term volunteers contribute in a collaboratively designed volunteer position such as helping in the office, translating, and working with the Bolivian staff. If you have a specialized skill, they can place you in your profession. Long-term volunteers have also contributed as healthcare workers, physical therapists, graphic designers, by teaching advanced computer skills or in project development. 21. According to the writer, volunteer work is _______. A. a combination B. an experience C. an organization D. a lifetime 22. If you take part in Volunteer Bolivia, you have a chance _______. A. to work in a foreign country B. to lose your career C. to work in your hometown D. to change experience 23. According to the passage, _______. A. there is only kind of volunteers B. There are two kinds of volunteers: long-term and short-terms volunteers C. Volunteers are not allowed to make friends D. if you are a short-term volunteer, you will work with patients 24. The word crucial (in line 7) means _______. A. necessary B. not easy C. very difficult D. important 25. Long-term workers work as _______. A. designers B. professors C. healthcare workers D. teachers of English IV. Error Identification – Circle the underlined word or phrase that is incorrect. 26. Volunteers will be trained and placing according to the current needs and requirements, A B C with consideration of their skills and background. D 27. Volunteers can teach primary subjects and having organized sports and art activities for A B C D the children. 28. Some young people are not aware of their ability; however, they just have their work to A B C do by other people and do nothing. D 
 Biên soạn và tổng hợp bởi Lê Công Đức Study responsibly and seriously! 
29. Everyone always tries their best to be happy in this life, doesn’t it? A B C D 30. Your participate is always appreciate and welcome here in our volunteer and charity A B C D organizations. V. WRITING – Rewrite the sentences below with other grammatical structures without changing their original meanings. 1. Thank you for your participation in this volunteer organization. [participating] 
Thank you ___________________________________________________________ 
2. He was sorry that he hadn’t called me earlier. 
He apologized _______________________________________________________ 
3. This game is too boring for us to play. 
It is such ____________________________________________________________ 
4. He tried to walk quietly not to wake his parents up when coming home late. 
[because of] 
He _________________________________________________________________ 
5. Although he is disabled, he can draw and paint incredible paintings. 
In spite of ____________________________________________________________ 
6. “Have you been to Paris?” asked Peter. 
Peter asked his new friend, Beth _________________________________________ 
7. He didn’t get up early yesterday morning, and he missed the bus to work. 
He should ____________________________________________________________ 
8. Some local people don’t agree to let that plan be conducted. [have objection to] 
Some local people _____________________________________________________ 
9. After they had concerned all of the disadvantages of that issue, they came to the final 
decision. [having concerned] 
10. They are keen on participating in the activity of cleaning the beach . [interested in] 
11. Have you ever travelled to foreign countries? [haven’t you] 
You ________________________________________________________________ 
12. They have just had their car repaired by their favorite mechanic. 
They have just had their favorite _________________________________________ 
 Biên soạn và tổng hợp bởi Lê Công Đức Study responsibly and seriously! 
13. As they have great experiences in working abroad, so it’s easy for them to get a job in 
foreign companies. 
Because of ___________________________________________________________ 
14. John and Mary don’t let many people know about their personal information. [allowed] 
Many people _________________________________________________________ 
15. My teacher said that I should listen to English songs, conversions or TV programs to 
improve the listening and speaking skills. 
My teacher advised me _________________________________________________ 

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