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3500 Câu hỏi luyện thi chứng chỉ Anh văn B (Có đáp án)
3500 câu hỏi luyện
thi chứng chỉ Anh
văn B (Có đáp án)
Test 1
1. a. coach b. cull c. cease d. cut
 c
2. a. bureau b. durable c. pure d. pull
--> d
3. a. study b. hull c. bull d. hut
--> c
4. a. gar b. garlic c. garage d. garbage
--> c
5. a. gentle b. gay c. great d. gate
--> a
6. a. master b. ask c. absent d. cast
 c
Find the mistakes
7. Although there are approximately 120 intensive language institutes in the
United States in 1970, there are more than three times as many now.
a. are
b. approximately
c. in
d. three times as many
 a
8. Cartographers did not make an accurate map because the political situation in
the area changes so rapidly that they were not able to draw the boundaries
a. changes
b. so
c. to draw
d. correctly
 a
9. This year designers are showing very bright colors and styles that were worn
closer to the body than those shown last year.
a. very
b. were
c. than
d. those
 b
10. Everyone who saw Star Wars said that it is one of the best science fiction
movies that had ever been released.
a. who
b. is
c. the best
d. been
 b
11. Before he retired last April, Mr. Thompson is working as foreign student
advisor for thirty years at Community College.
a. retired
b. last April
c. is working
d. for thirty years
 c
Grammar and Vocabulary
12. She couldn't .......................her children to his care.
a. admit
b. confide
c. trust
d. convince
 b
13. It was an extraordinary villa. It was quite......................
a. extreme
b. funny
c. big
d. exceptional
 d
14. His answer was so confused that the teacher could hardly make any............of
it at all.
a. meaning
b. interpretation
c. intelligibility
d. sense
 d
15. Commodities were sent from various parts of the world. They came
from parts.
a. difference
b. same
c. different
d. differently
 c
16. An old man taught her how .................. the violin.
a. play
b. playing
c. to play
d. played
 c
17. There was a great deal of machinery. This means there .. .
a. was one big machine
b. was one big engine
c. were many machines
d. was one powerful machine
 c
18. Mr Pike's passport . last month, so he will have to get a new one.
a. ended
b. elapsed
c. expired
d. researched
 c
19. There were ten million viewers in all. That was the. .
a. all
b. whole
c. result
d. total
 d
20. "Where ..........................?" "In London."
a. were you born
b. are you born
c. have you been born
d. did you born
 a
21. Hospitals were built with the profits. They were built with the .. .
a. benefits
b. earnings
c. winnings
d. excesses
 b
22. Nam ......... to school alone if Tam doesn't come.
a. goes
b. will go
c. had gone
d. went
 b
23. This girl was fast asleep. She has a .............. sleep.
a. deeply
b. sound
c. quick
d. soundly
 b
24. He doesn't want to let me ....... he was going out.
a. to know
b. knew
c. knows
d. know
 d
25. He got a ladder from the shed. He . one.
a. fetched
b. took
c. brought
d. carried
 a
26. We ......... everything we can to help you!
a. do
b. shall do
c. would do
d. had done
 b
27. My boss spoke in a sarcastic voice. He spoke in a  voice.
a. critical
b. laughing
c. despicable
d. mocking
 d
28. I'll have Mary .......... the umbrella to you immediately.
a. take
b. to take
c. taking
d. took
 a
29. His daughter nearly fell off the ladder. She nearly .. .
a. fell in
b. fell over
c. fell down
d. fell away
 c
30. ......... what he is saying?
a. Do you understand
b. Did you understand
c. You understand
d. You understood
 a
31. If I walk in with muddy boots, Dad always .................. me.
a. scolds
b. beats
c. rebukes
d. both a & c are correct
 d
32. I wish I .......... a famous singer.
a. am
b. be
c. will be
d. were
 d
33. When the company had to close because of economic difficulties, he
became ...............
a. inconsiderate
b. affected
c. redundant
d. concerned
 c
34. It's 5 months since I last ......... to her.
a. talk
b. talking
c. talked
d. have talked
 c
35. This summer resort is absolutely wonderful and I’d . it to anyone.
a. recommend
b. talk
c. praise
d. accommodate
 a
36. “Can we begin the test?” “We can’t unless the teacher  so.”
a. will say
b. is saying
c. shall say
d. says
 d
37. When was the last time she ........ her bedroom?
a. cleaned
b. clean
c. have cleaned
d. are cleaning
 a
38. We had to walk since we couldn’t  to take a bus.
a. afford
b. be wealthy
c. supply
d. furnish
 a
39. Whose child  he is?
a. do you think
b. have you thought
c. will you think
d. were you thinking
 a
40. Our life would be very difficult without ..
a. luxury furniture
b. water
c. saving-labor machines
d. electricity
 d
41. I felt embarrassed when I ........ in front of the class.
a. stand up
b. will stand up
c. stood up
d. are standing up
 c
42. The boy took a long ................ on his first morning at camp.
a. horseback ride
b. walk
c. bicycle ride
d. swim
 b
43. It was ............. lovely weather that we spent the whole day on the beach.
a. so
b. such a
c. so a
d. such
 d
44. After retiring, my aunt spent her  on an expensive holiday.
a. dollars
b. accounts
c. savings
d. cheques
 c
45. ... games without asking for my permission.
a. Do not play
b. Not play
c. Won't play
d. Didn't play
 a
46. My ................... is collecting coins from all over the world.
a. pastime
b. career
c. business
d. vocation
 a
47. Never ..... too much wine.
a. drink
b. have drunk
c. to drink
d. drinking
 a
48. Mr. Pike should . the speech of welcome.
a. do
b. make
c. have
d. speak
 b
49. I am working. Please do ........ talking.
a. stopping
b. stopped
c. being stopped
d. stop
 d
50. Smoking is ................. in many companies in our country.
a. permitted
b. taught
c. banned
d. stopped
 c
Test 2
1. a. heighten b. neighbour c. heinous d. lei
--> a
2. a. chemical b. chaos c. chase d. chiropodist
--> c
3. a. swab b. what c. yacht d. bat
--> d
4. a. lose b. rose c. move d. movie
--> b
5. a. mass b. class c. grass d. mark
--> a
6. a. colour b. honey c. glove d. collar
 d
Find the mistakes
7. The secretary thought that she will have to wait until tomorrow to send the
letters because the mail had already gone, but her boss suggested that she take
them to the post office instead.
a. will
b. wait
c. gone
d. take
 a
8. Although Emily Dickinson publishes only three of her verses before she died,
today there are more than one thousand of her poems printed in many important
a. publishes
b. only
c. are
d. more than
 a
9. Between one thing and another, Anna does not get through with her term
paper last Friday.
a. one thing and another
b. does
c. with
d. term paper
 b
10. Dew usually disappeared by seven o'clock in the morning when the sun
comes up.
a. usually
b. disappeared
c. by
d. in the morning
 b
11. She was among the few who want to quit smoking instead of cutting down.
a. the few
b. who
c. want
d. smoking
 c
Grammar and Vocabulary
12. The new proposals for students loans should be ...............
a. be taking
b. takes
c. take
d. taken
 d
13. The clerk had to ................... the conversation to wait on a customer.
a. break off
b. hurry
c. continue
d. begin
 a
14. She couldn't skate then ..................... her foot problem.
a. because of
b. because
c. although
d. as
 a
15. This time next week they .................. to London.
a. will be flying
b. will fly
c. are flying
d. have flown
 a
16. Now, let's ........ the original with the copy.
a. comparing
b. compares
c. compared
d. compare
 d
17. Peter won't be home for ....................... dinner this evening.
a. this
b. a
c. no word is needed
d. the
 c
18. Let me .......... a look at this picture.
a. had
b. has
c. is having
d. have
 d
19. My mother is always complaining about ....................... us from school.
a. to meet
b. meeting
c. to collect
d. collecting
 d
20. Something ........... right in what he says.
a. be
b. would be
c. being
d. is
 d
21. A lot of people left school at 16 and they now .................... leaving so early.
a. sorry
b. regret
c. confuse
d. worry
 b
22. Can you tell Jack I ....... in a little late?
a. had been
b. am being
c. be
d. will be
 d
23. This man was defeated in the elections. He was 
a. conquered
b. won
c. beaten
d. destroyed
 c
24. Please ............... more slowly.
a. spoke
b. speak
c. speaking
d. to speak
 b
25. We .. what the weather’s going to be like next Sunday.
a. think
b. suppose
c. wonder
d. demand
 c
26. We shouldn't ...... them what they want.
a. give
b. gave
c. to give
d. had given
 a
27. I didn’t recognize the man until he turned round to .. me.
a. look
b. face
c. stare
d. head
 b
28. How about ....... to Nha Trang?
a. travel
b. travelling
c. to travel
d. travels
 b
29. He did everything he could to attract her . : shouted, whistled, waved his
arms-but she still didn’t see him.
a. attention
b. notice
c. recognition
d. eyesight
 a
30. Remember ............. the door before going to bed.
a. locking
b. to lock
c. locked
d. not locking
 b
31. Mary was. with friends at school because she always made them
a. familiar
b. considerate
c. popular
d. attractive
 c
32. I am expected .............. the result of last exam.
a. knowing
b. to know
c. know
d. knew
 b
33. The boy’s teachers him to improve his drawing.
a. encouraged
b. insisted
c. made
d. persisted
 a
34. If you didn't follow his advice, you ............... a fool.
a. will be
b. would be
c. are
d. would have been
 b
35. . you do, please don’t go too near the edge of the cliff.
a. Wherever
b. However
c. Whatever
d. Whenever
 c
36. Nancy talks as if she ............... everything.
a. knows
b. had known
c. knew
d. not know
 c
37. Jane looks . she’s been pulled through a hedge backwards!
a. as
b. like
c. as if
d. whether
 c
38. His father was so angry that he didn't dare .................
a. to come
b. to coming
c. coming
d. came
 a
39. She’s been gazing out of the window.since it started to snow.
a. always
b. ever
c. fairly
d. already
 b
40. Many things which we can do now couldn't .............. years ago.
a. do
b. done
c. being done
d. be done
 d
41. He possibly be Charles’ father! He doesn’t look old enough.
a. mustn’t
b. shouldn’t
c. can't
d. needn’t
 c
42. She would play well if she ............ more.
a. practised
b. practises
c. practising
d. practice
 a
43. “I think we’d better bring John .......... this discussion.” the teacher said.
“He’s got a lot of experience in this field.”
a. up against
b. in on
c. round to
d. up with
 b
44. Tell me what you ............... on the way to school this morning.
a. see
b. saw
c. had seen
d. seen
 b
45. We shall always . not going on a trip to London when we had the chance.
a. forget
b. detest
c. resent
d. regret
 d
46. She .............. eating since they arrived.
a. doesn't finish
b. hasn't finished
c. didn't finish
d. not finish
 b
47. The old clown was in a .sight, standing there with tears running down
his cheeks.
a. harmful
b. pitiful
c. careless
d. blameless
 b
48. You ....... better stay at home so as not to give flu to others.
a. should
b. have to
c. had
d. have
 c
49. Since the time the prices ........................ considerable.
a. have risen
b. rose
c. rise
d. had risen
 a
50. They were very strict. They wouldn't let her daughter ........... back home after
10 p.m.
a. come
b. coming
c. came
d. to come
 a
Test 3
1. a. tail b. tain c. plait d. rain
--> c
2. a. through b. rough c. wound d. group
--> b
3. a. drama b. bamboo c. damage d. mamba
--> a
4. a. architect b. chemist c. parachute d. psychology
--> c
5. a. born b. embroider c. bark d. bomb
--> d
6. a. jaguar b. jean c. jam d. just
 a
Find the mistakes
7. On October 19, 1781, Cornwallis surrenders his army to General Washington,
a gesture that signaled the end of the Revolutionary War.
a. On
b. surrenders
c. to
d. that
 b
8. The price of coffee is low last month, but everyone knows that it is going to go
up this month.
a. is
b. knows
c. it
d. going to
 a
9. In a special report last year, Dan Rather said that the crime rate is increasing
in spite of community and government programs aimed at providing education
and employment opportunities for first offenders.
a. is
b. in spite of
c. aimed at
d. for
 a
10. Dr Alvarez was displeased because the student had turned in an
unacceptable report, so he made him to rewrite it.
a. displeased
b. had turned in an unacceptable
c. so
d. to rewrite
 d
11. The fruit and vegetables at the Shop Mart are always very fresh because
they were shipped in every day from the local farm markets.
a. fruit
b. they
c. were
d. farm markets
 c
Grammar and Vocabulary
12. He wishes she  to him before she went and bought that house.
a. spoke
b. have spoken
c. had spoken
d. would have spoken
 c
13. I bought a computer. My son often played games and didn't learn his lessons.
I wish I .................. it.
a. didn't buy
b. wouldn't buy
c. hadn't bought
d. doesn't buy
 c
14. There was nothing for it.. to get off the bus and walk back home.
a. other
b. but
c. otherwise
d. than
 b
15. His mother makes him ............... English harder.
a. to study
b. study
c. studying
d. studied
 b
16. .. my opinion, we should reorganize the whole company.
a. As far as
b. To
c. According
d. In
 d
17. When he was young, he used to ............... camping with his friends.
a. going
b. went
c. have gone
d. go
 d
18. His grandmother was suddenly ill during the night and died the
following afternoon.
a. fallen
b. taken
c. got
d. become
 b
19. When I first visited Moscow, I couldn't get used ............... the cold weather.
a. with
b. to
c. for
d. in
 b
20. He can’t stop. He’shis way to a very important meeting.
a. on
b. out of
c. in
d. towards
 a
21. You needn't ......... back again!
a. came
b. to come
c. come
d. coming
 c
22. Her teachers were .. that she passed the examination.
a. anxious
b. mad
c. concerned
d. delighted
 d
23. They insisted she ................ the party.
a. attended
b. attends
c. to attend
d. attend
 d
24. Look! The people over there ................. in a queue ............... for their turn.
a. is standing / to wait
b. stand / to wait
c. are standing / to wait
d. is standing / waiting
 c
25. The boys speak English .................
a. fluent
b. fluently
c. fluency
d. fluencyly
 b
26. Their hosts.. them a very warm welcome.
a. did
b. had
c. made
d. gave
 d
27. Tuition at this University runs .................. one thousand pounds a semester.
a. so high as
b. as high to
c. as high as
d. as high than
 c
28. Hello! - Oh, I’m awfully sorry. I.. you for a close friend of mine.
a. neglected
b. mistook
c. thought
d. mislaid
 b
29. Tell me ...... you are looking for and I will try to help you.
a. that
b. what
c. who
d. which
 b
30. Could you hold the ladder ..while I climb up and pick the coconuts?
a. firm
b. solid
c. steady
d. rigid
 c
31. You'd better drink more water, ................?
a. hadn't you
b. had you
c. wouldn't you
d. didn't you
 a
32. Can you . The results of the coming general elections?
a. foretold
b. forecast
c. foresaw
d. forewarned
 b
33. Some people are used to ..................... bicycle trips to the countryside every
a. rode
b. ridden
c. ride
d. riding
 d
34. We can’t go wrong if we.. the instructions.
a. follow
b. take
c. guide
d. keep
 a
35. Why do you always believe in everything .. he says?
a. who
b. which
c. when
d. what
 b
36. One of the reasons why the French wished to establish colonies in the New
World .. some of them wanted to escape religious persecution at home.
a. was because
b. was that
c. were because
d. were that
 b
37. I usually like history, but I didn't care for the ................... last year. We did
nineteenth century European history. It was boring.
a. syllabus
b. study
c. plan
d. timetable
 a
38. If you see Daisy, . you mind  her to meet me?
a. will.reminding
b. will.to remind
c. would.reminding
d. would.to remind
 c
39. I wish I knew the girl ....... Daisy is talking to.
a. whom
b. what
c. which
d. whose
 a
40. Dick  for Singapore as soon as he..about your accident.
a. had left / was informed
b. had left / had been informed
c. leaves / has been informed
d. left / was informed
 d
41. If he .................., please wake me up.
a. would come
b. will come
c. had come
d. comes
 d
42. We think that we will elect Mr. Brown .
a. for our chairman
b. be our chairman
c. being our chairman
d. our chairman
 d
43. The building ........ they built last year was damaged by the storm last
a. who
b. when
c. that
d. where
 c
44. at 3 p.m, John was thought  the suspect.
a. Seen and left / be
b. To be seen leaving / to be
c. Seen leaving / to be
d. He seen and left / to be
 c
45. Some of my friends are taking extra classes in English ...................... become
tourist guides.
a. so that
b. so as
c. in order that
d. so as to
 d
46. His explanation.. reasonable.
a. is not sound
b. does not sound
c. is not sounded
d. is not sounding
 b
47. Do you know the name of the restaurant ... we had dinner in last night?
a. where
b. what
c. when
d. which
 d
48. "Come.with us next Saturday", said Jack.
a. fish
b. fishing
c. to fish
d. being to fish
 b
49. In a fortnight, there are ................... days.
a. ten
b. twelve
c. forty
d. fourteen
 d
50. Although the fire lasted about two and half hours, nobody ....................
a. injured
b. was injured
c. In so doing
d. Doing so
 b
Test 4
1. a. naked b. sacred c. wanted d. walked
--> d
2. a. heaven b. weapon c. cheap d. head
--> c
3. a. nerve b. function c. butter d. stomach
--> a
4. a. blue b. solution c. roof d. dull
--> d
5. a. sure b. lure c. pure d. cure
--> a
6. a. town b. flow c. now d. drowse
 b
Find the mistakes
7. The maid does not finish cleaning the rooms at College Dormitory yesterday
because she had to help scrub the floors in the kitchen and the cafeteria.
a. does
b. cleaning
c. to help
d. scrub
 a
8. It is necessary to put a return address that included your name, street number,
city, state, and zip code on all correspondence.
a. to put
b. a return address
c. included
d. all
 c
9. If one does not have respect for himself, you cannot expect others to respect
a. himself
b. you
c. others
d. him
 b
10. The governor, with his wife and children, are at home watching the election
returns on television.
a. his
b. are
c. watching
d. on television
 b
11. Those of us who belong to the National Association for Foreign Student
Affairs should have their memberships renewed in September.
a. who
b. should have
c. their
d. in September
 c
Grammar and Vocabulary
12. The swamp contained ................ thousands of fish.
a. much
b. one
c. many
d. few
 c
13. “What happened to Mark’s arms?” “He ............... in the Second World War."
a. was wounding
b. wounded
c. had wounded
d. was wounded
 d
14. This is a photograph of our friends .......... went on holiday last week.
a. who
b. whose
c. whom
d. which
 a
15. Ms Elan, .................... her house on fire, managed to save something.
a. seeing

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